Finishing Line Press | January 20, 2020

MOONSICK is an exploration of personal mythology. Using themes of escapism and portal fantasy, Jones has created a queer Alice in Wonderland . . . This long poem pulls the reader from one edge to another, leaving them wondering how they can slough away their own skin and become something new.

Hannah V Warren, [re]construction of the necromancer

Jones’s blending of elements both natural and fantastical creates an interesting yet consistent image, such as that of voyeurs gazing through an ethereal wall, fertilizing the soil that is the skin. Through such events, the reader becomes wary that they’ve also become voyeurs, as the narrator reveals all of himself to us.

Jeremy Mifsud, From the Backseat of a Bus

The best parts of MOONSICK are the natural, flowing fluidity of the tone and the abstract style with which Jones writes to describe their lust, pain, and longing.

Venus Davis, Sensitive Divination
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